One Iyashi Dôme treatment burns up to 600 kcal in 30 minutes while relaxing!

The Iyashi Dôme is a global, effective, profitable, and safe device that offers DETOX, SLIMMING, ANTI-AGING, SLEEP IMPROVEMENT, PHYSICAL PREPARATION, MUSCLE RECOVERY & RELAXATION BENEFITS.

Rooted in Japanese High Technology, Iyashi Dôme infratherapy is a risk-free technique that is both gentle and powerful. It enables a distinct increase in body temperature which has an action on detox, slimming, sleep, skin rejuvenation, physical preparation, muscle recovery and relaxation. The Iyashi Dôme is more than an infrared sauna – it’s a revolutionary wellness experience that detoxifies, slims, rejuvenates, and relaxes your body all at once. Harnessing advanced Japanese technology, it promotes deep cellular cleansing, boosts your metabolism, and offers profound relaxation, making every session feel like a luxurious retreat.

The Iyashi Dôme treatment offers a transformative 30-minute session in a serene environment. Experience a noticeable reduction in body size and weight, burn up to 600 calories, and decrease body fat by one to two percent with each treatment.

REGENERATE – SLIM – PURIFY! The Iyashi Dôme session revitalizes your body, improves circulation, reduces cellulite, tightens the skin, and provides a unique, rejuvenating experience. We are excited to be the first provider in Croatia, conveniently located in the stunning region of Istria.

Treatment Costs | One Kinesiology-Session lasts btw. 30-45 min. & costs € 65.-


We’ve created a meaningful synergy between the Body, Mind & Soul that will improve your personal health!

About Me

Danijela is a Holistic Medicine Practitioner and owner & founder of BMS-Centre & BMS-Retreats


Start your inner journey for your personal grow & to increase health, well-being & self-love!

Take care of your BODY! It is the only place you have to live!

– Jim Rohm

Feedbacks from my Iyashi Dôme Clients:

Saad Abu

Victoria Stan


I feel incredibly rejuvenated after my Iyashi Dome session. The deep heat and detoxification process left me feeling lighter and more energized. My skin also feels noticeably smoother. I can’t wait for my next session!

Joseph Gonzalez

Raphaël Martin


I had been feeling sluggish and stressed lately, but after my Iyashi Dome session, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The relaxation and warmth during the session helped me unwind, and I slept like a baby afterward. Thank you for such a rejuvenating experience!

Olga Zabegina

Mario Venturi


As someone who struggles with chronic pain, I was amazed by the relief I experienced after just one Iyashi Dome session. The heat penetrated deep into my muscles, easing tension and providing much-needed relief. I feel like a new person and can’t wait to incorporate regular sessions into my wellness routine.