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BMS-Clinic, Galleria Villas, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE BMS-Centre, Mofardini 39, 52444 Mofardini, Croatia

Phone Numbers

+971 527 333 519
+385 97 64 24 478

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Some Stories to share

Elton Botha

Best therapy every – Grateful and full of gladness, I’m thinking back to my therapy weeks with you. Thx for your wonderful work & being.

Michaela Dam

From having anorexia I ended now up being a life & health coach! Thank you Dani for your amazing approach, support & belief in me.

Philipp Wüthrich

Ich wäre heute nicht an dem Platz im Leben ohne dein beharrliche Unterstützung, Hilfe und bereites Wissen. Danke!

Your mind will adjust the body’s biology and behaviour to fit with your beliefs.
Dein Geist wird die Biologie und das Verhalten des Körpers an seine Überzeugungen anpassen.

– Ph.D Bruce Lipton | Dr. Bruce Lipton

Albert Godwin

I have been seeing Danijela regularly for 3 years. I treat myself to a chakra balance once a month and I can say that it is a short holiday for me every time. I feel full of energy, joy and power. I can only recommend it to everyone!

Angelika Wagner

I had a mild hyperthyroidism that wanted to be treated immediately with medication by my endocrinologist. But I wanted to try a holistic approach first. After 3 kinesiology sessions my thyroid was back to normal…and had been for over 6 months. Yeeahhee!

Amal Nayak

Dani is a source of energy with an amazing life-affirming attitude, insight and way of looking at things. An eye opener without a doubt. She has touched my mind, body and soul in a gentle but powerful way. My quality of life has improved massively! Thank you Dani!