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The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

The Story of Danijela Andric Casson

Psychotherapist, Kinesiologist, Prana Healer & Nutritionist, Owner & Founder of BMS-Centre & BMS-Retreats

„It makes me blissful and satisfied to observe the healing process of my patients in their own time quality. I’m teaching, helping and treating people across Europe & the Middle East where I’m combining the knowledge, methods & technique of Western & Eastern Medicine. Health starts always from within! Therefore, we need to pay careful attention with what kind of things we are feeding our body, mind and soul in our daily life. I am always feeling fortunate to share my healing methods with my clients, family members and friends because it is my true calling in life.“ 

Danijela has worked as a holistic practitioner since 2012 in her own professional practice.  She has a Master-Degree in AP Kinesiology after Dr. George Goodheart (Detroit, Michigan, USA) and Richard D. Utt (Tucson, Arizona, USA) plus in Brain Gym after Paul and Gail Dennison. She also accomplished a degree as a Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Nutritionist & in Acupressure.

Furthermore, she masters the techniques of Prana Healing according to Choa Kok Sui and the technique of the 7-Chi-Keys (AP-Kinesiology) to release the chakras from blockages and to harmonise the energy flow. 

Her dissertation theme dealt with the topic of genetics, epigenetics, and a short excursion into the genealogy of AP Kinesiology. She is more than familiar with the biological processes of the body and its anatomy. 

Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success & health the new wealth.

Energie folgt dem Gedanken! Denke deshalb weise!



Patrick Rueti

Dank der Kinesiologie bin ich heute beschwerdenfrei. Toller Nebeneffekt: Viel Energie, Gelassenheit & Zufriedenheit.

Sandra Zimmermann

Unendlich erfüllend & erleichtert, dank des Therapieerfolgs! Mein Ort war dunkel als ich zu dir kam und heute ist er voller Zuversicht, Neugier & Freude.

Jurica Koletić

Tretman za čakre učinio je čuda za mene, kao i preporučeni dodaci prehrani. Nestali su moj stalni umor i napetost u tijelu. Hvala!

Amelie Martin

Nach 3 Brain Gym Sitzungen konnte ich meine Legasthenie / Dyslexie hinter mich lassen. Ich kann gar nicht in Worte fassen, wie glücklich ich darüber bin. DANKE!

Jamila Akin

Remarkable energy and life changing experience; Dani is an eye opener who touched my mind, body and soul. My anxieties degreases to a minimum. I don’t need to take Anti-Depressivas anymore as I have changed my lifestyle, dietary the way of thinking.

David Longer

Thanks to dietary changes, supplements plus the combination of Prana-Healing and Kinesiology, I have slowed down my progression by years as an MS patient. To my surprise, the therapy combination really helps.